Sept 24th “Bringing the past to Life”

Help us record history and preserve the past

New Forest National Park  is looking for volunteers to help undertake a detailed condition survey of all the monuments within All Saints’ Churchyard.

Monuments mark the final resting place of people whatever their origins and status. The materials, design, craftsmanship and inscriptions of these monuments are a rich and irreplaceable repository of information that connects us with previous generations and their history. They continue to be objects of respect, but unfortunately many monuments can also be neglected.

The surveys will be undertaken using Historic England guidance and can be carried out by anyone using either paper forms (that are then uploaded at a computer) or digitally using tablets.

They will provide a snapshot of the Churchyard today, help define a management plan for the Churchyard into the future and identify some monuments that require conservation using Heritage Lottery Funding. All the data captured will be made publicly available, allowing residents or visitors to trace family members and their resting places. The data will also help local history groups with their research, helping add to the rich tapestry of Minstead’s history.

Anyone can get involved and we will be running training sessions. But all you need is the map and the forms to start helping build our community record.

If you would like some more information or would like to volunteer please contact:  or ring Berry Stone 023 8081 3719

The link below gives information about the project in this locality.  It includes a demonstration of an amazing piece of software technology which will be available on Sept 24th.  This makes it possible to decipher carved lettering which has become too worn to read with the naked eye.

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