One of the most delightful parts of life at our churches is sharing a couple’s wedding day.  Your wedding is a crucial act of commitment and dedication.  A wedding in church is also an act of worship and prayer, where we ask for God’s blessing on your relationship and pray for your future life together.  We will work with you to make your wedding very special and personal, and to provide as good a foundation for your life together as we can.

All three of our churches provide lovely settings for a wedding and can accommodate small, medium and large weddings.

Frequently asked questions:

Q:    Who can get married in our churches?

1.     You can be married in one of our churches if:

a) at least one of you lives in the parish of Lyndhurst, or Emery Down or Minstead;
b) or if one of you has lived here for six months;
c) or one of your parents have lived here in your lifetime for at least six months;
d) or if a parent or grandparent was married here.

2.     You simply need to arrange to have your ‘Banns’ read here and in your fiancé’s or fiancée’s parish.  Normally Banns are read on three consecutive Sundays and one or both of you should be present to hear them read out.  This is a special moment within your commitment to marriage and something that is good to do together (although we realise that today’s working lives may make this impossible on all three Sundays).  We will arrange for your Banns to be read in our church or churches but your fiancé or fiancée will need to contact the vicar of the parish in which he or she lives to arrange to have your Banns read there as well.

3.     In special circumstances, where you have a long-standing and loving link with one of the parishes, i.e. your parents lived here before you were born; or you have a grandparent living here; or you’ve spent a lot of time in the church or parish, you can apply for the ‘Archbishop’s Special Licence’.  These are not granted automatically, and you need the approval of your home parish incumbent (the vicar of the parish in which you live), and the incumbent of our parishes before you can go ahead.

These guidelines are all about relationship and building long term support and stability in an ever changing world.

Q:     What if one of us is divorced?

A:      If one of you has been married before we may be able to marry you.  The Church of England has recently produced guidelines on the circumstances under which this may take place.  You’ll need to be interviewed by our Vicar, and application needs to be made to the Bishop.

Q:     How much will it cost??

A:      There is a required legal fee for marrying in a church. It is £451* for weddings taking place in 2014 (* this is set by the Church of England nationally). It may vary slightly for you depending on your circumstances.  There are additional fees for the common and special licences, bells, organist, choir and heating.  Please telephone The Parishes’ Office to check on this but a simple breakdown of them is available here: (Wedding Fees 2014); and please also see our useful fact sheet: Wedding Information and Planning 2014.

To take your enquiry further please contact The Parishes’ Office (023 8028 3175). This should be done as early as possible before setting dates.

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