Lay Pastors

These are the Vicar’s Vicars!

Our Lay Pastors (together with our Churchwardens) form the Vicar’s Pastoral outreach team.  In the name of the Vicar and on behalf of our churches, they visit parishioners in all sorts of need:

•     Visiting the unwell and housebound.
•    Taking communion from the Lord’s Table in church to those who can no longer get there – Home Communion.
•    Visiting people going through a hard time.
•    Helping families to arrange Christenings for their children.
•    Visiting those who have recently lost a loved one.
•    Involvement in the annual service remembering those who have died: The  All Souls Service – which is held for all three of our churches at St. Michael and All Angels Church in Lyndhurst at 3 p.m on a Sunday afternoon, normally on the first Sunday in November.  (In 2014 the service will be on 2 November at 3pm.)

In addition to the ongoing pastoral work undertaken by our Lay Pastors they are also involved in other areas of service as and when needed.  Any Lay Pastor could undertake one or more of the following duties:

•    Prayer Ministry.
•    Cold weather needs.
•    Homeless needs.
•    Nurturing – those in need of short-term practical help.
•    “Come to Tea” – taking church and tea into houses and Homes.
•    Basics Bank.
•    Christening follow-ups in liaison with Young Church.
•    Transport to Church.

There are l6 Lay Pastors plus 3 co-opted members.

Their co-ordinator is Peggy Nicholls – 023 8028 2378; and the Parishes’ Office – 023 8028 3175.

Meetings for Lay Pastors are held every other month and for the 2014 programme please click here.


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