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New Year Resolutions!

Easy to start, not so easy to carry on unless you have friends to help!  Why not try one of our mid-week groups this year.

Monday Group will start meeting on Wednesday evenings this term following up Alpha.  The venue’s still to be fixed, but with lots of coffee, chat, prayer, a chance to wrestle with The Bible, coffee, they’d love you to join the fun!  7.30pm.

Tuesday Group is looking at the Beatitudes until February 25th.  David says, ‘There are ten Beatitudes in Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 5 and they are practical and challenging.  People familiar with the Beatitudes often say that Jesus was preaching about a “topsy-turvey” Kingdom.  The first Beatitude is “Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor, the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them” (Good News Bible).  It seems to me that’s good news for all of us!’  7.15pm at Whinwood, Beaulieu Road: come and enjoy!

Wednesday Group gather in the Lyndhurst Nondescripts Club (Nondies) for a chat, a brief informal Book of Common Prayer communion service, then coffee and more chat, all sitting around the table. 10.30am start: come and join the fun!

Thursdays: in advance of Lent (start date to be announced) the Thursday Group will meet in Minstead Church for coffee, catching up with each other, discussion around a Christian book, and prayer, all very informal and a great opportunity to get to know each other and our God better.  Come and join the fun! 7.30pm.

Why not try the Bible in One Year App for iOS and Google?  (Get the BiOY App.It’s free, gives you a daily set of readings through God’s Word (The Bible) with some really helpful explanations every day.

Remember the one word vision?

and the FIVE Marks of a Growing Church:
Learning from the Apostles
Meeting for Fellowship
Meeting to Eat
Meeting to Pray
Generous Living


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