Bank and Emery Down Lychgate Project

lych-gate‘Lest we forget’ – the words carved onto the front of the Lychgate to Emery Down Church.

As part of the process of commemoration, honouring and remembering a group of local people are researching the lives of soldiers and airmen who died in the First World War and whose names are inscribed on the walls of the lychgate – the war memorial for the villages of Bank and Emery Down.

If you wish to be involved in what has become known as the Lychgate Project or if you are related to any of the men whose names are inscribed in the lychgate (see War IMG_00000785_edit_lychgatenamesmemorial Emery Down for full list) and have information for us, please contact the project’s co-ordinator and click on the poster for more information – Lychgate Project – help needed_A4The project is now linked to a companion project with the Royal British Legion in Lyndhurst.  Please contact the Lyndhurst co-ordinator for details.

It is planned to have a record of those who lost their lives in the First World War available in the church for visitors to read alongside a Book of Commemoration for people to set down their own thoughts and memories of the losses caused by war and in particular, those caused by the First World War.

Our Poppy Picnic will be on Sunday 17 August 2014 at 6pm.


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