Church Services in Emery Down

Christ Church Emery Down by Richard BruceSunday 6 December
2nd Sunday of Advent
10.30am YouChurch – an informal lay-led service beginning with coffee and cake
Topic and Readings:
Community and confession: Psalm 51: 1-13, 1 John 1: 8- 2: 6, Luke 15: 11-24

Sunday 13 December
3rd Sunday of Advent
9.30am Holy Communion
Topic and Readings:
Bearing one another: Psalm 81: 1-16, Galatians 6: 1-10, Luke 11: 43-53

Sunday 20 December
4th Sunday of Advent
6pm Sunday at Six Carol Service with Christmas readings
Weekly topic and Readings:
Loving one another: Leviticus 19: 11-18, Romans 12: 1-21, John 15: 1-17

The Holy FamilyThursday 24 December
Christmas Eve
11.30pm Midnight Holy Communion

Friday 25 December
Christmas Day
10am Family Service for Christmas Day

Sunday 27 December
1st Sunday of Christmas
10.30am Holy Communion
Topic and Readings:
Covenant love in community: Jeremiah 31: 1-9, 1 John 4: 7-21, Luke 22: 14-30


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