Thy Kingdom Come – Parish route map

The Archbishops are encouraging us to pray …
For all Christians to deepen their relationship with Jesus, so that
We may have confidence to share our faith,
That all may respond to the call of Jesus Christ to follow Him.
Our parish in focus (* = Emery Down; ** Bank, Gritnam and Allum Green) for private prayer or prayer walks:

Date Roads
Friday 6 May *Northerwood House, Coach House and Lodge
Saturday 7 May *From the School House via the New Forest Inn up Private Road to Camp Hill
Sunday 8 May *From Springwood via Littlecroft to Crownwood
Monday 9 May *Peartree Lane
Tuesday 10 May *From Myrtle Tree Cottage to the Village Hall
Wednesday 11 May *From Horseshoe Cottage to 2 Cream Cottages and up Silver Street
Thursday 12 May **From Cuffnells Lodge to Deerhurst Cottage
Friday 13 May **From Forest Green House via Annesley to Dell Cottage
Saturday 14 May **From The Old Cottage via The Oak Inn to Beech House
Sunday 15 May **The Bee Garden, Gritnam and Allum Green
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